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Since my bike was stolen a few weeks ago, I’ve been eyeing every single cruiser, fixie, road bike, and mountain bike I see. There are a lot of nice looking bikes out there, but one brand has me drooling. Linus bikes are so pretty! There’s a beautiful baby blue one I keep seeing parked on the University of California campus, and yesterday in San Francisco I saw a gorgeous cream one. They start at around $300, and since you really can’t get a decent used bike in the Bay Area for much less than $200, I’d consider them an option. But since I don’t have a nice safe spot to keep it, I wouldn’t dream of getting one yet. Those bastards broke a tree to get to my last bike, a really great Trek hybrid that I owned for less than two months. Let’s just hope it was resold quickly to someone who loves it as much as I did. What kind of bike do you have? Did you buy it new, or on Craigslist?


I’ve been quiet all week, so just wanted to wish you a happy weekend. We took an overnight trip to Sacramento. My first visit to California’s capital city was a delight. We saw the Capital Building where Elodie thinks the governor lives, took a swim in the Sheraton hotel pool, and explored the frontier town streets of Old Sacramento.

Here’s a photo from a beautiful apartment in Berlin I photographed for Re-Nest this summer. See the rest of the house here.




I’m a big fan of Disney classics like Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, but with all the pink chiffon and purple metallics, the whole Disney Princess thing has gotten way out of control, don’t you agree? So when I found these super sweet and simple Disney Princess costumes on Etsy I smiled like an impish Tinkerbell. Handmade by Jordan Dene in Brooklyn, they’re cute, affordable, and totally wearable. My little sister wore her Barney costume every day for about two years, and I can see Elodie wearing that adorable Snow White dress all over town. I think it would be a big hit at storytime. After all, dress up should be for every day. What are your kids going to be for Halloween?





Our first week in Berlin, we went to a flash dinner party known as Diner en Blanc. Like the famous Parisian event, everyone was required to bring their own tables, chairs, food, drinks, and fine china (I’m pretty sure we were the only schmucks with red plastic cups and plates. Next time we’ll bring the Limoges). And of course everyone had to dress in white, which lent the atmosphere an extra special magicality (that’s my new word for magical quality).

No one knew exactly where the dining was going to go down. We met at one of four meeting spots in the city, which were revealed an hour or so before dinnertime via Facebook, and were led to the secret spot. My hunch was correct, our al fresco fete transpired at the Gendarmenmarkt, one of Berlin’s most beautiful squares. We all set up our biergarten tables, folding card tables, and ironing boards-turned-dining tables on the cobbles at the foot of the Berlin Concert Hall. Flanked by the tall domes of twin churches, the posh picnic certainly was a picturesque affair. Everyone was happy (except Elodie when she had to have a diaper change), and when darkness descended, sparklers were lit, floating lanterns flew up into the sky, and the dancing began. I couldn’t imagine a more sensational way to kick off our summer in Berlin. Can’t wait for the next one. Have you ever been to Diner en Blanc or a similar White Nights event? Every city should have one!

Ps. Check out that woman’s scarf in the top photo. She must be French. And I must learn how to wear a scarf like that!


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