Little Paris Discoveries: Dana Cojbuc, Photographer

I was walking around my neighborhood the other day when a grouping of black and white photographs caught my eye. I was on Rue Sainte Marthe in the 10th arrondissement, pushing the stroller up the incline past all these little colorful, closed storefronts, restaurants, and artist studios. The photographs were displayed in a wide window on street level for pedestrians to admire as they passed. Taken by the Romanian photographer Dana Cojbuc, the images are remakes of old photos from the 1950s – 1980s.

I love this sort of thing. The way it reflects on the passage of time, and change, and growing old, or staying the same. I imagine the families in the photos all living life together in their little Romanian village. I wonder how their lifestyles changed in the 20 to 50 years since the originals were taken.

You don’t have to be in Paris to see the rest of Dana Cojbuc’s photos. Just go to her website and click on the “Remake” series. Which one do you like the best?

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  1. Futaba said:

    I love the series. I wonder how she found the original subjects. They were the same people, right?

  2. Celeste said:

    I *think* she is from that village. She asked people for the older photos and she recreated them at a village fair.

  3. dana said:

    Hello, hello!I just found your post about my “Remake” series!Thanks a lot!I love this litle street and I was happy that my friends let me their window to show you my work.
    I was born in this village and it was easy to find the original photos, people are just having them on their walls in the houses.A lot of litle pictures like that in a wooden frame, just all their life in one frame.
    I asked them to make this remake and they accepted so easily;I enjoyed so much spending time with them and realising my work!
    I am happy when this touches other people than me!Thank you so much!
    Have a nice day in Paris that you really seem to enjoy
    dana cojbuc

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