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When I was planning my wedding a few years ago, I became obsessed with collecting old copies of Martha Stewart Weddings. I would scour Ebay for these invaluable troves of wonderful wedding delights. I also loved New York Magazine‘s wedding issue and there was a British bridal magazine whose title escapes me. But Martha Stewart Weddings was always my most cherished. Packed with so many creative ideas for invitations, centerpieces, place settings, and favors, plus beautiful spreads on bridal gowns, cakes, and bouquets, and the best part of all, features on real weddings, including everything from posh wine country soirees to Caribbean beach batches – how could it not be? Unfortunately, the time has come for me to part with these dear treasures. I’ve decided to sell them on Etsy. Please buy them, and love them as much as I did. If you include a note that you’re a Tidepooler reader, I’ll ship them for free!

For her wedding last February, Isabelle, a Swedish decorator, blogger, and mother of two, found this darling pale pink vintage gown. Originally full length, she made it knee length and used the remnants to make a matching dress for her little girl. Too adorable!

Read more about Isabelle and Erik’s wedding here and here.

I am indulging in a most delicious cup of Lake Champlain Chocolates Hot Chocolate. It was a gift from our friends Emily and Dan who were delighted to find hot chocolate that came all the way from Vermont at Whole Foods here in Berkeley, California. To tie this in to our Wednesday Weddings theme, I’m going to suggest winter brides serve this at their snowy Vermont weddings, or better yet, give tins away to your guests as wedding favors!

Remember Jenna & Christopher’s wedding from a few months ago? They had the brilliant idea of setting up a do-it-yourself photo booth. I love those! Jenna bought a three-yard length of fabric at IKEA, hung it from a big frame, attached her point and shoot digital camera to a tripod, set it on the 5-second self-timer mode, and voila – she now has a super fun set of pictures of her friends and family acting cute, funny, silly, and crazy. Doesn’t it look like they’re having a blast?

Tidepooler Weddings: Jenna & Christopher

Country elegance pervades a historic New England setting for the joyful, late-summer wedding of an American couple living in Singapore.

Who: Jenna Kozerowitz Emerson and Christopher Emerson

When: July 4, 2009

Where: The Lonetown Farm Museum, in Redding, Connecticut. It was the first wedding ever hosted at the site.

The Lonetown Farm Museum

Wedding Dress from Singapore

Bride Wore: My dress is by a Canadian designer named Selina. I found the dress at one of the first stores I visited in Singapore. I’m still not sure if it was meant to be a “wedding dress” as it was in a dress, but not specifically a wedding dress shop. When I tried it on, it fit perfectly, which made me love it even more. It is a viscose matte jersey blend, so it was so comfortable! My hot pink shoes are Stuart Weitzman. I really wanted shoes in a bright color, and I’m not sure everyone was on board at first…but I held my ground and I feel like they made the outfit!

Tidepooler Weddings: Jenna & Christopher

A Family Affair: We had so many people we’d want to include in the wedding, but since we were planning a casual wedding, we didn’t want to have a large, formal wedding party, but we also didn’t want to leave anyone out. So we nixed the idea of the wedding party and included people in other ways. My sister and cousin and one of Chris’s brothers and his close friend performed readings at the ceremony. We asked some friends and family members to get ready with us on the morning of the wedding and asked others to help decorate and welcome arriving guests.

Bridal Bouquet: Dahlias, Lavender

Wedding Flowers: White Hydrangeas, Freesia, Spider Mums

Garden Blooms: I carried dahlias, roses, lavender and a bunch of other flowers. A close family friend has an amazing garden and she provided the flowers for the bouquet and for Chris’s boutonniere. I loved my bouquet, because it was so beautiful and even more because it was extra-special coming from a friend’s garden. For the decorative flowers we used green and white spider mums, white freesia and white hydrangeas, with some greens mixed in. In order to save some money, we bought the flowers on our own from a local market and on the morning of the wedding, several friends arranged the flowers in mason jars and mint julep cups. All of the flowers came out so beautifully that I started to tear up when I saw them!

First Dance

First Dance: Blue Skies” – The Willie Nelson version. Chris has always loved the song and he played it for me as a possibility right after we got engaged. As soon as I heard it, I knew that it was a great choice. We’re both very optimistic, sunny people, so it fit us perfectly! For the ceremony, we asked our musician (another family friend) to play the Cat Power version of”Sea of Love.” It is such a beautiful song and, because of its newly-special meaning to me, I love it even more!

Wedding Chuppah

Tradition!: While our wedding was completely secular, I wanted to incorporate a couple of Jewish traditions. Chris’s brother, Alex, made us a rustic chuppah, which we put underneath two trees on the museum’s property. We also meant to do the “breaking the glass” at the end of the ceremony and the hora (chair dance) but we had a miscommunication about the location of the glass, and completely forgot about the hora later in the evening…

Wishing Well: Instead of favors, we donated money to an organization called Tabitha, which does incredible work in Cambodia, one of our favorite travel locations. We purchased a well in honor of our guests, which will provide otherwise unavailable clean water for one or possibly more families in Cambodia.

Wedding Tent

Team Spirit: We really wanted to make it a family affair. We tried to involve family and friends as much as possible. We asked a family friend (who was already a justice of the peace) to officiate the wedding, friends helped us set  the site, including climbing up (high) barn walls to hang lights, another family friend, who I’ve known since he was born (and whose parents have known me since I was born) played for us with his band. We had the best time and we had so many comments from people who said that we put on a comfortable, relaxed and fun wedding, which is just what we wanted!

Favorite Memories: There are so many wonderful memories of the day…But two that really stick out for me are 1) looking out at our crowd of family and friends during the ceremony to see how many people were there with us on that day and 2) while we were dancing in the barn after dark, we looked out of the barn doors to see fireworks exploding out beyond the property. It was the 4th of July so it wasn’t totally unexpected, but it was magical! Also, going with a large group of family and friends to a slightly cheesy but really fun dance club after the wedding was the perfect way to finish the evening!

Tidepooler Weddings; Jenna & Christopher

See more photos from Jenna & Christopher’s wedding.

{All photos by Lisa Hancock}

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