Wednesday Weddings: Divya and David

Divya and David\'s Wedding, Panipat, India

A profusion of fragrance and color mingles with time honored tradition for a stunning Indian wedding.

Who: Divya and David

Date: February 29, 2004

Location: The bride’s parents’ home in Panipat, India.

Bride Wore: A custom-made pink sari with traditional zardori embroidery.

Floral Garlands: The bride and groom wore garlands of jasmine and orchid blossoms. A post-ceremony blessing included the bestowing of marigold garlands.

Traditions: The groom rode in on a white horse. During the ceremony the couple took seven wedding vows, represented by seven rounds around the sacred fire.

Distinctive Details: A local folk artist created a special wedding pattern that Divya and David used to adorn their invitations, reception decor, and gift bags for the guests.

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