Dan’s Perfect Day in Vienna

Dan in Vienna

My perfect day starts at my flat – located in the middle of the Neubau district – and with Lula, my sexy beast of a dog. We start off with a walk along Neubaugasse, a shopping street lined with boutique and second hand stores, and pop into Cafe Latte for a quick coffee and cigarette (Sunday brunch is also recommended here, along with reservations).

Lula in Vienna

After fueling up it’s a quick stroll down to Heldenplatz, an unofficial dog park located in the 1st district between the Hofburg and Volksgarten. Lula and I relocated to Vienna from Venice (Cali, not Italy), and while my bitch is Westside for life, yo, she and I appreciate the beauty of what might be the most picturesque dog park in the world. After Lula gets her me-time, we meet some friends and take a scenic walk past the famous Stephansdom to Karlsplatz –– destination Kunsthalle, and the best breakfast burrito I’ve found in a town that is the wurst. (I go there when I’m jonesing for a good burger as well.)

{Photo: Pokpok313}

Two things that puzzled me when I first moved to Vienna were: 1) what does everyone do on Sunday, since all the shops are closed and 2) what the hell do Wieners talk about when they’re sitting at a cafe for 4 hours. Well, it turns out one of the answers to question number 1 is to sit at a cafe for hours. I still haven’t quite figured out what they talk about, but at least now I know where people go on Sundays. And for elegant slumming, the Kunsthalle Karlsplatz offers some exceptional lounge seating.

{Photo: Erock}

Since it’s a perfect day, the sun is shining, it’s 24º and everyone in Vienna is wearing deodorant. This last detail is crucial because it means I can ride the U-bahn without risk of passing out. (Really people, I realize that everybody likes their own brand, but some days it’s out of control.) I survive the tube, leave Lula at the cut and jump on the whip for a ride around town. Vienna is a great city for biking – it’s not too large, it’s flat, there are dedicated bike lanes on most streets, not many cars and the city has a bike rental service that allows you to pick up and drop off at several locations. And that’s just in the central districts in Vienna. The Prater offers more scenic rides, as does as the Donauinsel. And if you really want to get your nature on, there’s Wienerwald, a forest area partly located within the city limits.

{Photo: Pokpok313}

I meet up with some members of my bike gang and we hit the Hauptallee in Prater, which is like a boulevard for bikers and joggers. Afterwards, it’s over to one of the bars along the Donaukanal – Herman Strand Beach or the newly opened Tel Aviv Beach – for a few drinks and some people watching. After catching a breather, it’s back to the flat for a disco nap and then out on the town for a night of music.

{Photo: -bast-}

Vienna is a mecca for classical music. I’ve never seen so many people walking the streets with violins strapped to their backs. There are several venues to catch a concert or opera, but the three most famous ones are the Stadtoper, Konzerthaus and Musikverein. The Stadtoper offers tickets for as little as three euros (at a price though, which including waiting early for tickets and standing during the show).

{Photo: Jason Tabarias}

The performance at the Stadtoper – Donizetti’s “L’elisir d’amoreis” – is a grand ole time, and we top it off with a Sacher torte at the world famous Cafe Sacher, just behind the opera house. But Vienna isn’t just a town for really old music; we close out the night by hitting up my neighborhood club, the Camera Club on Neubaugasse, and do a lil dance to some minimal beats provided by some of Europes best purveyors of fine funk.

Now it’s four or five in the morning. I do the walk of shame back to my flat, sleep till noon and wake up feeling grateful that there’s not much I can do on Sunday, even if I wanted to. Wien, Ich liebe dich.

Dan is an architect living in Vienna and working in Linz, for the office of Kaufmann + Partners, gmbh. He moved there from Los Angeles in 2008 and, after having a stolen bicycle returned to him by the police, decided that Vienna just might be the place for him.

{My Perfect Day is a weekly Tidepooler series that reveals the most wonderful and interesting places in cities and towns around the world, as shared by the people who live there}

  1. Agatha said:

    I also moved from California to Vienna and have a dog, and I was wondering if you know of any other dog parks in Vienna. For some ridiculous reason I can only find the parks that dogs are NOT allowed in.

  2. tidepooler said:

    Hi Agatha – Dan says you should check this site – http://www.wien.gv.at/umwelt/parks/hundezonen.html

    Looks like a pretty comprehensive listing of Vienna parks, with a note on whether or not there’s an area for dogs.

    Thanks for reading Tidepooler!


  3. Agatha said:

    Thanks! My doggy will be very happy, im sure!

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